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About Us

3.2.1 Fitness is Asheville's First 100% Donation based gym. We have a strong community of members that have been with us for years. Now we are ready to open up the opportunity  for those looking to become healthy on their budget.

Combining Fitness and Nutrition in the most effective way to create the most efficient results. We have a one-of-kind workout that combines cardio, strength training, and kickboxing in an effective 35 minute workout!


Our Story

We believe that each individual responds to a different type of training and nutrition practice. We cater our clients needs to their goals and interests.


For fitness to work it has to be convenient and efficient, and that is what we strive for here at 3.2.1 Fitness and nutrition.


  • Convenience has to mean that it works with your schedule, and within your budget. 

  • Efficient has to mean you can make it a daily habit that takes less than an hour


That is why we created our beautiful 3.2.1 Gym.


3.2.1 Team

Our NASM trained team is passionate about helping the Asheville community find a comfortable and inviting environment to find their place in fitness and nutrition!

Hunter Koike

Owner/ Founder

Hunter is the founder and creator of the 3.2.1 model. With Years in the Fitness industry, he has applied a cross section of fitness styles to create the most effective programming for efficient results. NASM Trainer.

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Shawn Grich

Head Trainer/ Programmer

Shawn is our head NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Leading the charge with our incredible 3.2.1 Programming. Shawn has been with us for over 3 years and comes to every session with passion and excitement.

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Ashly Koike


Ashly is our head NASM Certified Nutritionist that writes and programs our nutrition protocols. Years in the gym business helps Ashly understand the individual needs of our clients!

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Strength Days


Full Body accessory Days


Super Circuit Day

321 Model

3 days per week are designed to strategically build strength levels through emphasis in particular muscle groups. 

2 days per week of full body high intensity training that are specifically designed to break up strength days with higher rep accessory lifts to promote blood flow

1 day is  strategically designed to help activate endurance and Anaerobic systems to further improve performance on other strength endurance days.

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Round 1

Round 3


Round 2
Barbell Strength

Round 4
Accessory Strength


Round 5
Body weight Strength

Round 6
Kickbox cardio

What to Expect:


  • Walk in and your trainer will start you on the next circuit (within 5 minutes)

  • 35 Minute Workout

  • 6x5 minute stations with 1 minute of rest between each station

  • New workout every day

  • Stick around, ask questions, have fun!



Q: Do you offer at home workouts?

A: YES! We have a free app that we upload workouts to keep you moving if you can't get into the gym


Q: Do you offer nutrition consultation?

A: YES! We have a nutritionist on staff that will work with you individually on your nutrition goals


Q: What's the best way to get ahold of you?

A: Email or ‪Text 828-552-4957


Q: Do you sell supplements?

A: We don't have our own supplement brand, but we have a few that we have worked out deals with to get you discounted prices. We only recommend the best supplements on the market.

Q: Can I try you out for free?

A: YES! Sign up on our "schedule your workout tab" 


Q: Do you offer personal training?

A: YES! We have some of the best NASM Certified trainers in Asheville. We specialize in many different areas and can help you reach your goals. Including kids, and elderly.


Q: Do I have to know how to kickbox?

A: NO! We will teach you. Boxing/ kickboxing has proven to be the most effective form of body weight and cardio training there is. So we include it in all of our workouts for that reason. 

Be a student:


  • The first workout will be a learning curve

  • Come in a few times to understand the pace the workout and I promise it is the most efficient/ effective workout on the market

  • MODIFY ALL YOU NEED TO: We have professional athletes working out next to 70 year old's. ANY BODY CAN BENEFIT FROM THIS WORKOUT

  • Talk to your trainer! Ask questions

  • Be a good student and help us help you reach your potential!

ADRESS: 937 Riverside Drive Asheville NC 28804


Please park in the RED HASH AREAS



Walk up through the Front or Back if it's open

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