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Thank you for inquiring about Personal Training Options. We have highly trained, motivated, and encouraging group of trainers!

The benefit of working with our PT staff is that not only do you get the highest qualified trainers for the number of times per week that you want, you also get access to UNLIMITED group training classes for FREE!

NO ONE gives as much value as we do.

Why should you train with us???

  • By supporting 3.2.1 Fitness, you help support others in our community that wouldn't otherwise have access to training opportunities!

  • Everyone is a NASM Certified Trainer with years of experience modifying, planning and encouraging our community to reach their goals.

  • We offer online options, in person and hybrid options!

  • We offer nutrition counselling and meal tracking/ planning

  • We have a beautiful space that encourages beginners in non intimidating way.

  • You get access to our member classes!!!

Spots Are Limited:
Apply for a PT Spot Today

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Thanks for applying to with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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