321 Fitness Non- Profit 501(c)(3)

EIN: 88-3708086

Public Charity Status: 170(b)(1)(A)(vi)

Effective date of exemption: August 15, 2022

  • We are so pleased to announce our official recognition as a 501c3 Non-Profit organization! This is very exciting news for our North Asheville community.

  • Our ability to give effective fitness and nutrition to the community on a 100% donation basis has helped hundreds of people so far find a safe space to become healthy on a cost-effective basis.

  • We are so thankful for our generous donors; we have been able to give a home to several families who would never be able to have access to trainers and health programs like ours if it weren’t for your generous donations.

  • So far, we have granted scholarships to families who cannot afford personal training costs, health supplements, meals, Nutrition consultation and so much more. We have helped countless people gain confidence, build habits and even one individual losing 100lbs this year alone!! These are all individuals who have come to us as their primary fitness center because they have never been able to gain access to a boutique gym like ours due to budget or access.

  • Most facilities like ours cost $150-$200 a month. This is because the expenses of running a facility like this and the value of creating and coming up with daily workouts, 1 on 1 training, Nutrition, Accountability, Technology, etc. is very costly. By creating a space where we can work with a large group of individuals very efficiently on a cost-effective basis, we are finally able to help those who wouldn’t normally have access to a facility like ours. A place where we can make REAL and sustainable changes in someone’s life.

  • We are so excited for what 2023 will bring to our community. With the ability to give our time to more events we plan to host seminars, workshops, and give away free nutrition and accountability programs to go along with our ever-evolving fitness programs.

  • Next steps, we are accepting donations and charitable gifts for the remainder of the 2022 year and 2023 year. Here are a few of the initiatives and projects we will be tackling with your generous support.

If you are local you can join us during our classes with our personal trainers and get amazing workouts. Our workouts are 100% donation based so feel free to write off any donation on next years taxes.

If you are remote, we will soon be able to give you access to our remote online fitness and nutrition programs! Just email us if you are interested 321fitpro@gmail.com

2023 Goals:

  1. Increased access for the opportunity to work out any time of the day

  2. Improved communication channels and client tracking (CRM)

  3. Door access control system that will go along with the above goals

  4. Weekly/ monthly workshops for form and technique

  5. We want to bring on a nutritionist full time to help answer questions and be an available resource any time of day

  6. Bring in more help towards the drug and rehab recovery groups. We would like to open more times of the day to assist our drug and rehab clinics by giving their members support through fitness and nutrition classes to aid in their recovery process.

  7. Improve screens and video demonstrations to optimally assist everyone at anytime

  8. Bring in professional cleaners for consistent sanitization and cleaning of the gym

  9. Add equipment!

  10. We have always strived to pay a living wage and we will continue to do this so we can maintain high quality trainers.

2023 and beyond goals:

  1. Build a concept gym that will be able to reach a larger demographic. Our hope is to have a micro concept gym in our local parks that can offer our services to a broader group of people who have accessibility challenges.

  2. We would like to expand our gym service to South/ West Asheville territories for improved accessibility to our services.

  3. Each gym will have a goal to transform 100+ underserved individuals in the health space. We will do this through our partnerships with other non-profits in the area.

We hope that you will join our community initiatives by joining our group classes and or donating to our cause!

Our services are 100% free to the community. We do not charge memberships in any form for our services unlike a YMCA, for example.

So, each donation made this year is able to be written off for next year’s taxes.

Checks can be written to

937 Riverside Dr. Asheville NC 28804


See our donation campaign here: