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Hello, I'm Ashly!

I am a certified Nutritionist and 321 FITPRO. I help men and women who struggle with chronic dieting, find the best solution for their body once and for all.

I believe each person is on their individual journey. I like to help people find the most efficient path for their individual goals and needs! 

My Story

My wellness story began 20 years ago. I believed in a better and healthier world for my 3 children, so I began my studies and research into a more holistic type of health. With lots of trial and error I found the best nutrition for each of them and myself. 

I then expanded my knowledge to the fitness world, and I soon opened 3 gym and helped hundreds of people find their own nutritional journey. It was then I realized that there is a need for everyone to receive the individual guidance of a professional.. That was when I began my professional studies in health and wellness.

It was then that I recognized the nutrition industry was mis-informing the public about so many aspects of nutrition. To start, it is vastly more complex than simply taking a diet pill or eating salad, in fact so many individuals are UNDEREATING that they are not giving themselves a chance to achieve their goals to begin with!


The internet is full of gurus who claim to have the next best thing and cure all for weight loss. The truth is, nutrition is individual to each person and must be treated as such. The complexity is vast, so that is why we have created our easy to follow 3.2.1 Nutrition program that involves 12 weeks of pure knowledge and growth.

Go beyond being given a meal plan. Learn why your body is unique and set yourself up for a life of health. Don't just follow a plan and be dependent on a coach. Let us teach you the methods we use to help hundreds of people find lifelong success. 

Our 12 Week Program

Eating Cereal In Front Of Computer

Simple as 3.2.1...

Lets face it, nutrition is not a fun topic. Its complex, frustrating, time consuming and ultimately limiting....

That is exactly why we came up with a program that cuts the complexity, makes it fun, saves you time and allows you to enjoy the foods you love!

We combine science and technology

With the advancements in technology, we are now able to track food with certainty and ease...

Combining what we know about science and physiology, we can help you reach your goals even faster!

Calorie Count


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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