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Spartan 2024

Aug 3rd-4th


Train and race with us!

Wow, we have a fantastic group of individuals who are all fired up and ready to train and compete in a Spartan race! And guess what? I'm joining in too! Let's all train together and conquer this race!


To help you get in the best possible shape for the big day, I'll send a training schedule, please see below. Trust me, this event is open to anyone, and it's an incredibly rewarding and exhilarating experience. We've taken many hesitant people through this event before, and they ended up absolutely loving it and wanting more!


So, are you ready to take on this challenge with us?

How to Sign up

A few things about signing up:


1) We are planning to compete in the Sunday Sprint 5k event. Currently the race costs $140 on the Spartan website.  But I have secured us FREE Spartan race tickets!! Sign up below so I can send you details and get you part of our crew


2) When you finally do sign up for the race, i'd like for everyone to be under our "321 Team" so we can make a presence at the event!! I'll send you details after you sign up below

3) We can complete this as a group, or as individuals. Some may choose to stick together, and some may choose to race on their own. Either is totally fine! We will attempt to all run the same starting time if possible! 

Details of the race:

Submit your name and email so I can send you info!

Thank you, we will be in touch!

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