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Your First 321 Workout

White Brick Wall

Strength Days


Full Body accessory Days


Super Circuit Day

321 Model

3 days per week are designed to strategically build strength levels through emphasis in particular muscle groups. 

2 days per week of full body high intensity training that are specifically designed to break up strength days with higher rep accessory lifts to promote blood flow

1 day is  strategically designed to help activate endurance and Anaerobic systems to further improve performance on other strength endurance days.

White Brick Wall


Round 1

Round 3


Round 2
Barbell Strength

Round 4
Accessory Strength


Round 5
Body weight Strength

Round 6
Kickbox cardio

What to Expect:


  • Walk in and your trainer will start you on the next circuit (within 5 minutes)

  • 35 Minute Workout

  • 6x5 minute stations with 1 minute of rest between each station

  • New workout every day

  • Stick around, ask questions, have fun!

Be a student:


  • The first workout will be a learning curve

  • Come in a few times to understand the pace the workout and I promise it is the most efficient/ effective workout on the market

  • MODIFY ALL YOU NEED TO: We have professional athletes working out next to 70 year old's. ANY BODY CAN BENEFIT FROM THIS WORKOUT

  • Talk to your trainer! Ask questions

  • Be a good student and help us help you reach your potential!



Q: Do you offer at home workouts?

A: YES! We have a free app that we upload workouts to keep you moving if you can't get into the gym


Q: Do you offer nutrition consultation?

A: YES! We have a nutritionist on staff that will work with you individually on your nutrition goals


Q: What's the best way to get ahold of you?

A: Email or ‪Text 828-552-4957


Q: Do you sell supplements?

A: We don't have our own supplement brand, but we have a few that we have worked out deals with to get you discounted prices. We only recommend the best supplements on the market.

Q: Can I try you out for free?

A: YES! Sign up on our "schedule your workout tab" 


Q: Do you offer personal training?

A: YES! We have some of the best NASM Certified trainers in Asheville. We specialize in many different areas and can help you reach your goals. Including kids, and elderly.


Q: Do I have to know how to kickbox?

A: NO! We will teach you. Boxing/ kickboxing has proven to be the most effective form of body weight and cardio training there is. So we include it in all of our workouts for that reason. 

ADRESS: 937 Riverside Drive Asheville NC 28804


Please park in the RED HASH AREAS


Walk up through the Front or Back if it's open

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